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To Champion All That Science Is.


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ABmR aims to champion all that science is by supporting undergraduate researchers, the essential yet ignored workforce within the biomedical research community. We believe by supporting and developing undergraduate research and science writing, we are taking the first step to ameliorate systemic issues in science.



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Our Goal

A dramatic decline in NIH grant recipients over recent decades has created a hypercompetitive environment in science. As a result, problematic practices have emerged in publishing, research methods, and funding strategies, creating a system that is both unsustainable and unreliable.


A paradigm shift is needed to rescue biomedical research. ABmR believes undergraduate researchers--the next generation of scientists--to be instrumental in this paradigm shift. By directly funding undergraduate research, and prioritizing science communication, we aim to represent the underrepresented in science.

What We Do

At ABmR, we act as the liaison between high-quality research facilities, donors, and the general public. Our goal is to find the most qualified biomedical research labs led by scientists with the strongest scientific integrity. Using funds secured from the public, we then provide grants to support and develop undergraduate scientists in research and in science writing. This strategy has a three-fold benefit in advancing science by:


1) Supporting rigorous, cutting-edge research
 of today

2) Facilitating mentorship and training for the scientists of tomorrow

3) Removing systemic financial barriers of entry

to science


What separates ABmR from other biomedical non-profits is that we provide you with a tailored experience in donating to scientific research that you care about. In addition, what makes us unique is that we provide insider-access to how discoveries are made by connecting you directly with scientists in the labs you fund. We do this while remaining 100 percent transparent in our endeavors, keeping you informed on the specific scientific progress being made with your contributions.


We believe transparency is paramount to building strong relationships between scientists, donors, and the general public. With ABmR, donating to science is no longer a “black-box”. As the liaison between science and the public, we hope to facilitate both financial and scientific transparency. We guarantee that we will provide direct communication to donors and the ABmR community regarding exactly how funds were used to make scientific progress.

Public Funding

We hope to use crowdsourcing to promote public involvement in science by providing our followers with direct access to how discoveries are made. We turned to crowd-sourcing and micro-donations through Patreon because we believe no dollar amount is too small to contribute to the scientific research enterprise. We believe that our model--supported by the public--encourages philanthropic engagement for all, allowing anyone to champion all that science is.



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