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to Champion All That Science Is!

ABmR's mission is to develop undergraduates' science writing and science communication in the following ways:

1. Hosting writing competitions to encourage young scientists to practice their science writing. 

2. Taking students through the editing process and publishing their work on our platform

3. Working with students to get their writing published on other platforms and journals. 

ABmR Writing Awards

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We believe that the current platform to donate to biomedical research is too informal.


We would like to give you a personalized donor experience by designing it around your motivations for donating. We also believe the entire process should be transparent and donors should be aware of the scientific breakthroughs made with your contribution. 

ABmR would like to thank all of our generous donors:


Erin Reilly

Liam Powers

Hao Wang

Jamie Gilluly

John McGroulie

Laurie Beard

Keiko Buckley

Laurie Buckley

Lori Williams

Megan Andres

Steven Golditch


If you would like to involved please contact us at

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