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Join Our Patreon Community!

We use crowdsourcing to promote public involvement in science by providing our followers with direct access to how discoveries are made.

We turned to micro-donation through Patreon because we believe no dollar amount is too small to contribute to  scientific research. We believe that our model--supported by the public--encourages philanthropic engagement for all, allowing anyone to champion all that science is.

With ABmR, donating to science is no longer a “black-box”.

We guarantee that 100 % of donations go to supporting biomedical research and science education. As the liaison between science and the public, we hope to facilitate both financial and scientific transparency. We guarantee that we will provide direct communication the ABmR community regarding exactly how funds were used to make scientific progress.

We believe that funding undergraduate research is the first step to ameliorating systemic issues in science.

By contributing to the most promising biomedical research labs we are not only supporting today’s top research but also facilitating a hands-on learning experience for the young scientists of tomorrow.

As a part of the ABmR community, our patrons gain insider access to the top research scientists at world-renowned institutions.

We keep you updated on the most cutting-edge science via easy-to-read summaries and even offer the opportunity to meet the scientists seeking a cure for diseases that matter most to you.


With your contributions, we are not just supporting undergraduate research, we are improving science as a whole. Through the betterment of science we create opportunities to improve both treatments of disease and science policy, ultimately leading to a future with less suffering.

We do this for the love of humanity, for science, for education, and for the sake of eliminating all human suffering caused by disease. However, we cannot achieve this lofty goal without you.

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