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ABmR Fellowship and Upcoming Event

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

To the Association of Biomedical Research Community,

Congratulations to the inaugural ABmR Undergraduate Fellowship Awardee, Dominic Masotto, from the University of California, Berkeley. Dominic is not only passionate about biomedical research, but also driven to bridge the gap between the research community and the public. ABmR designed a fellowship program to motivate science advocacy and develop new methodologies to engage the public in research. We advocate for a public with a deep interest in the types of biomedical research being done, its methods, and how these studies are funded and published. By increasing the awareness of biomedical research practices and supporting the development of the next generation of scientists, we as a community can push together towards developing treatment and cures to diseases.

Over the last six months, Dominic has developed and organized a large fundraising event at the University of California, Berkeley. The goal of this event was to bring attention to the undergraduate research experience. The role of these undergraduates is essential in the laboratory, yet taken for granted by much of the biomedical research enterprise. These students are often not paid while performing the most laborious duties within the lab. To a young scientist, research experience is invaluable but it is difficult to volunteer your time while focusing on school and work. By providing hardworking students with a research scholarship, we hope to eliminate any financial burden so that the students can focus on developing their careers. ABmR believes that keeping talented students in research and facilitating hands-on learning experiences with brilliant scientists can make research and medicine better in the future.

The Scripps Research Institute

This week we will be teaming up with the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows at the Scripps Research Institute. This internship program provides the opportunity for students to be mentored by world-renowned faculty in a biomedical research lab. Next week, ABmR will be participating in a science communication event, where each student will present a cutting-edge research techniques that they have learned as part of their research project. 

In August, these students will be participating in a public poster event. Each student will present their 10-week research project. ABmR will be sponsoring a TSRI poster award to students who have demonstrated excellent research practices and a science communication award to students who best engage the public with their research. We will be sharing the cutting-edge research of these students with our Patreon community. We hope to also stay connected with these students over the school year and update our Patreon with their research. 

Thank you

Achieving this would be impossible without the generous support from our donors and Patreon community. We thank you all for contributing to ABmR, which facilitates both high-quality research and undergraduate education. To learn more and to stay updated with us, visit our website where we will post easy-to-read summaries and blog posts. With your continued support, ABmR is able to uphold our commitment to giving 100% of our donations directly to science. Truly, we thank you all.

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