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AbmR Undergraduate Grant Update: Publication From the Butte Lab, UCLA

We are very pleased to announce that Humza Khan, the awardee of the AbmR scholarship, is an author of a recent study published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology. The Full article is linked here!

In this paper, the team identified critical components in the mechanism of how your immune cells can activate an immune response. Their novel findings play a small but important step in understanding how our immune system works.

The grant awarded to Humza for his work on this project was made possible by you, the donors. By supporting immunological research, you are helping pave the way toward defeating human diseases, from developing defenses against viral pathogens to creating medicines to cure all cancer.

Humza is a talented undergraduate who has worked in Dr. Manish Butte’s lab at the University of California, Los Angeles. This lab is at the forefront of cutting-edge immunology research.

ABMR Asked Humza:

How has your experience in research influenced your future goals as a researcher?

In my main project, I get to use some of the most advanced techniques to understand peoples’ immunodeficiencies. This combination of bench research and clinical research is my end goal; I’ll be applying for MD/Ph.D. programs in hopes of becoming a physician-scientist. The AbmR scholarship is supporting this dream and I appreciate it incredibly!

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