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Mechanobiology and Immunology: From T cells to rare diseases.

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Through this Patreon community, we will begin by giving grants to talented undergraduate students in the labs that have demonstrated the ability to produce life changing research. We believe that giving more opportunities for young scientists to learn about research is necessary to have a community of talented scientists in the future. This has a two fold benefit. We will be contributing to the most promising research labs while facilitating the best educational environment to these students. Our first grant will be going to Dr. Manish Butte's lab at UCLA studying mechanobiological properties of T cells. These cells are the necessary part for immunotherapies (Winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2018) and understanding the mechanistic properties will allow these cells to target more difficult tissue types such as solid tumors. With the discoveries and innovations produced in this lab, clinical researchers will be able to use these new methods on patients. Publications from the group will be available on our website. You can follow us on our website and social media pages as we keep you updated on the science that we are contributing to.  

Check out Manish Butte, MD PhD on his lab website!

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