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The Association of Biomedical Research is pleased to announce a collaboration with Dr. Manish Butte

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

To the Association of Biomedical Research Community, 

This week, ABmR will be awarding our first research grant to Dr. Manish Butte's lab at the University of California, Los Angeles for studying the mechano-biological properties of T cells. Congratulations to the inaugural Undergraduate Student Research Grant Awardee, Humza Khan, a student researcher in the Butte Lab. 

Dr. Butte’s Research 

In 2018, Nobel Prize-winning research by James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo demonstrated tremendous potential in immunotherapies as a means to treat cancer. However, a major issue in the field is applying T cell based therapies to difficult-to-reach tumors. Dr. Butte’s work is contributing to a deeper understanding of the physical and mechanical properties of these cells, which will allow scientists to engineer T cells that can penetrate these tumors. 

Dr. Butte's Lab was selected by ABmR because we believe his research will facilitate great innovations in cancer treatment by elucidating the molecular machinery that underlies T cell functionality, taking us one step closer to finding a universal cure for cancer. 

Funding Education 

The future of biomedical research lies in the hands of today's young scientists, which is why we believe that funding undergraduate research is crucial to society at large. By contributing to the most promising biomedical research labs, such as Dr. Butte's, we are not only supporting today’s top research but also facilitating a hands-on learning experience for the young scientists working in these labs. 

Optimizing research funding is a critical component of our mission to champion all that science is. However, achieving this would be impossible without the generous support from our donors and Patreon community. We thank you all for contributing to the inaugural Undergraduate Student Research Grant, which facilitates both high-quality research and education. 

Thank You 

To learn more and to stay updated with Dr. Butte's innovative work on T cells, visit our website where we will post easy-to-read summaries and blog posts. With your continued support, ABmR is able to uphold our commitment to giving 100% of our donations directly to science. Truly, we thank you all. 

Check out Manish Butte, MD, PhD on his lab website! 

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