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  • In this article by Alberts et. al, the authors discuss the reasons behind why the current biomedical research environment is hypercompetitive and potential steps that can be taken to fix the problem. 


  • In one of the most cited academic papers, Dr. John Ioannidis explains why the current pressures to publish can often lead to simple statistical mistakes, insinuating that the majority of scientific research may actually be false. 


  • There are systematic flaws in biomedical research funding. This article explains the overall problem while offering some potential solutions. 


  • Science is having a huge problem with reproducibility. In this paper by Wallach et. al., they examine the current environment around reproducibility, transparency, and open data within biomedical research.  



  • As the biomedical field gets more hypercompetitive, researchers are forced to cut corners when conducting research. This leads to a lack of reproducibility in scientific experiments. These two papers show just how bad this problem is using genetic studies and genetic association studies



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